Customer-based Design Learning Program



Aiming to put ‘Customers
at the heart’?

Not sure where to start? 3rdView can help build the capability you need to support your organisation to truly connect with customers, and put the Customer at the heart of everything you do.

Customer-based Design helps organisations develop a deep understanding of customers’ needs and wants so that they can consciously design products, services, experiences and systems that customers will value and use. Customer-based Design will help you improve any human interaction that is important to your organisation.

3rdView know that market-leading organisations spread Customer-based Design thinking and skills throughout their teams.  From strategists to project delivery teams, and from senior leaders to customer service staff, an understanding of Customer-based Design will have a powerful impact on your internal and external customer experience.

The 3rdView Customer-based Design program has been specifically designed to help you and your people:

  • Focus on the problems and opportunities that matter most to your customers and your business
  • Generate privileged insights into the things customers value most, and use these insights to improve products, services and experiences
  • Apply design thinking to solve a range of business problems effectively
  • Demonstrate leadership and advocacy for Design and Customer Focus within your organisation
  • Support a cultural shift towards being a more customer-focused organisation

During the course you will:

  • Learn the tools, techniques and principles of Customer-based Design
  • Apply design thinking to real, live business opportunities within your organisation
  • Engage with participants from a range of other organisations and support each other in the application of Customer-based Design
  • Build a network of Customer-based Design professionals that can support your ongoing development goals.

Program details

This program is run two formats – in-house for groups of 12-15 staff, and as an open program, bringing together a diverse group from different organisations.  Over seven modules, using a blend of theory, case studies, practical examples and activities, the 3rdView Customer-based Design program introduces participants to:

  • Design process and phases
  • Tools and techniques that support design – including Journey Mapping, Customer Research and Prototyping
  • Values and approaches that underpin design success

Participants are encouraged to identify a small, relevant project within their own workplace to provide a vehicle for immediate application, and are required to complete a range of preparation and reflection activities between sessions to embed learnings.

From past participants…

It’s fun, practical, actionable and well worth the time investment

Great opportunity to network, learn new skills and develop personally.  ‘Can Do’ attitude essential!

Well-organised and run and great facilitators.  Particularly good for those with little exposure to Customer-based Design concepts – I think it really changed the perspective of some participants