Customer-based Design



Business problem?  Have you considered the customer perspective?

Every day we’re faced with a myriad of business problems – how can we reduce costs? Increase customer satisfaction? Improve productivity? Reduce waste…?  Often, we decide on a quick solution only to find that, despite the significant time and resources invested, the problem remains.

Customer-based Design helps organisations develop a deep understanding of customers’ needs and wants so that they can consciously design products, services, experiences and systems that customers will value and use.  

At 3rdView, we start by bringing the customer perspective to business problems, helping organisations start to uncover the root causes and identify more innovative and sustainable solutions.  These techniques can be applied equally to problems facing internal customer groups, and external customer groups.

But how?

The 3rdView Customer-based Design approach has been developed to support organisations and project teams to focus their energy on the problems and opportunities that will have the greatest impact.  The approach encourages:

  • Problem/ Opportunity Finding – understanding and aligning perspectives on the business problem
  • Discovery – uncovering the customer perspective to ensure a focus on the ‘right’ problem
  • Ideation – identifying potential solutions and testing for desirability, feasibility and viability
  • Prototyping – developing, testing and iterating solutions
  • Delivery – delivering refined solutions to an implementation team

By using Customer-based Design and embracing the 3rdView principles, organisations implement solutions that are targeted and effective, and reduce the risk of failure.

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