Tim Stevenson

Tim is a “Design Thinker”. He has an innate talent to uncover deep customer insights and catalyse team synergy. He facilitates teams through a design led framework to achieve business model innovation.Tim Stevenson is a Business Innovation Catalyst. His grounding in the design process, from his background as an Industrial Designer, qualifies Tim to guide businesses through the non-linear design process. He understands the need to be flexible in applying the design process whilst providing a framework to ensure understanding in a business context.

Tim finds it easy to connect with customers. He has an instinctive ability to qualitatively uncover insights or ‘dig for the gold’, consistently delivering value to his clients beyond their expectations.

Tim takes the value created in capturing deep customer insights to seed innovation workshops. These workshops drive innovation in a business’ product or service offering and develop business models with a clear customer focus. This focus aligns the customer desires with the business’ value proposition resulting in sustained growth. Tim then uses prototyping and a rapid iteration procedure to produce reliability from the concepts developed from customer insight work.

After graduating with distinction from a Bachelor of Industrial Design in 1997, Tim set up his own design consultancy in Townsville and then in Northern NSW. His design work encompassed projects with the following industries: agriculture, mining, construction, solar and sanitation. His interest in using the Design Process as a key component of Business innovation led him to return to Brisbane in 2013 to undertake a Research Masters in Design Led Innovation based in the Power Industry.

Tim’s Masters research focused on using a design led approach to guide a government organization through the exploration of potential business models in readiness for a foreseen disruptive innovation.