Anja Krabye
Business Design Consultant

Anja Krabye is an emerging talent in the application of design to business improvement and innovation. Anja speaks a range of languages in the literal and symbolic sense; from the languages of whimsical creativity and visual symbolism and to the concrete and rational. Anja is an experienced implementer of design-led innovation to create purposeful change from within an organisation.

Anja embraces new experiences and is confident stepping into unknown environments to test her skills and grow her toolkit. Anja is naturally inquisitive and persistent, but also light-hearted and enthusiastic.

Anja’s experience as an Industrial Designer has given her clear insight into the value of deciphering needs, prototyping the intangible, and delivering meaningful outcomes. Anja’s pursuit of design integration within businesses challenges perceptions and helps explore alternate solutions through the application of design beyond traditional spheres.

During her Masters of Design Anja supported a business to determine their strategic direction though independently constructing and facilitating a Design Led Innovation program. Anja’s social skills and cultural competency was key to promoting uptake and creating trust and an exchange of ideas between stakeholders.

Anja is both reflective and analytical, and prone to seek meaning through asking ‘Why?’. Curiosity drives Anja to gain a deeper understanding of people and situations by constantly seeking and examining diverse perspectives. Anja enjoys sharing her learnings so that others can appreciate the brilliance and irrationality of humans in a humorous way.