Customer Journeys – more than a map

Customer Journey Mapping is a powerful tool to capture and share experiences from the customer perspective, and engage your organisation in the case for change.

3rdView Customer Journey Mapping projects are empathetic and collaborative, inviting you to walk in the customer’s shoes by mapping activities, interactions and emotions in a compelling visual artefact. We connect with real customers to ensure that stories are based on insight rather than assumption, and maximise the opportunity to focus on the moments that really matter.

The true value of Customer Journey Mapping comes through the conversations and stories that are shared as the journey unfolds. Maps are most effective when they are large, low-fidelity, visible and visual, creating a hub where customer conversations thrive.

Customer Journey Mapping is equally suited to exploring current or desired internal and external experiences. This makes it a valuable tool to simplify and enrich customer and employee experiences.

Our experienced designers can lead, coach, or work alongside your team to deliver your Customer Journey Mapping program. We also offer in-house and public programs to help you get started – click here for further information.

Case study: QBCC – Co-design

A focused Customer Journey Mapping program can deliver 10X improvement in customer service, and 200% greater employee engagement