Human-Centred Design™ – a better way to respond to business challenges

Every customer has an experience with your organisation. It’s up to you whether you take charge and design these experiences, or leave it to chance. A well-designed experience will ensure your organisation is memorable, for the right reasons.

3rdView’s Human-Centred Design™ framework is a robust approach to respond to business challenges. We help you understand the needs and expectations of your customer and staff, explore new opportunities, and use prototyping to reduce risk and identify the most compelling solutions. This delivers better outcomes for your customers, your people and your organisation.

Our framework has been applied and refined across a wide range of industries, organisations, challenges, and customer types. If there is a human element to your organisation or challenge, then Human-Centred Design™ will help bring a new perspective.

3rdView’s experienced designers can lead, coach, or work alongside your people to build and transfer capability. This engages your team, and ensures sustainable culture change. We also offer a range of in-house and public learning programs to kick-start your Human-Centred Design™ journey.

Case study: Qld Govt – Digital Service Design

80% of CEOs believe they are delivering an exceptional customer experience. Only 8% of customers agree.