Your Customer Focus journey starts here!

Culture is the product of organisational systems, symbols and behaviours. Every organisation has a distinctive culture that has been shaped by leaders and staff over time, but to what extent is Customer Focus a part of that culture?

A customer-focused culture is essential to deliver great customer experiences which enable an organisation to remain competitive and relevant. The 3rdView Customer-focused Culture Framework™ is used to assess the current level of Customer Focus and to design a program to support leaders to enhance Customer Focus across an organisation.

3rdView Customer Focus Assessment™

3rdView’s Customer-focused Culture Assessment™ provides an evaluation of an organisation across 12 key attributes exhibited by customer-focused organisations. Conversations with a cross-section of staff, observations and a review of key artefacts provide 3rdView consultants with a window to the organisation. This is compared with an online self-assessment completed by all staff members.

The Assessment provides deep insight into the level of leader commitment, opportunities to improve current systems, processes and activities, and the gap between 3rdView’s independent assessment and internal perspectives.

Based on the Assessment findings, 3rdView facilitate a Customer Focus Program Design Workshop with client leaders to identify and prioritise initiatives, and develop an action plan and roadmap for change. This may target the whole organisation, or a specific business unit.

Do you really ‘put the customer at the heart’ of everything you do?