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    “A customer is 4 times more likely to defect to a competitor if the problem is service related than price or product related” Bain & Company
  • Brisbane's Customer Focus Specialsts

    “Thank you for your enthusiasm, endurance, professionalism and experience.  I have learnt from you both professionally and personally – something I find very rare these days!” James Shepherd – Marketing Manager, Aurizon
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    Helping Queensland become the most Customer-focused state in Australia

Our principles set us apart

Working with 3rdView is an experience like no other. Our core principles guide every engagement and reflect our appreciation for Design Thinking. That’s what sets us apart.




We turn intangible concepts into visual stories to excite, engage and energise stakeholders.  We embrace and encourage creativity to stretch thinking beyond the obvious.



We create an environment where people are open to new perspectives and fresh ideas, and where people share candidly and contribute. We provide and encourage feedback and critique to enhance learning.



We develop alternatives and build on ideas to provoke conversation and feedback.  We sketch, reflect, take action and prototype solutions.


Conversation & Collaboration

We engage the full range of customers (internal and external) in conversation and work together to design solutions that deliver outcomes for all stakeholders.  We seek conversation, then documentation.



We take the time to understand different perspectives and challenges through observation and immersion.  We seek to enter the customer’s world.

I now understand why you are called ‘3rdView’. You helped us see what we were struggling to see for ourselves – how our team is functioning, who our real customers are, and what they need from us. Ian Norris, CEO Allianz Global Assistance



Customer Focus.



Customer focus is our focus, it’s what we do. We understand how leaders and people come together to deliver excellent customer experiences. By aligning all parts of your business to deliver on your customer focused strategy, long-term value is created.

  • Customer Experience Design

    Every customer has an experience with your organisation.
    Customer-based Design techniques improve the likelihood that their experience with your organisation will be memorable, for the right reasons.

  • Customer-based Design Learning Program

    The capability of your people determines your ability to deliver on your customer promise. The 3rdView Customer-based Design Program goes beyond knowledge – we inspire your people to lead and influence customer outcomes.

  • Facilitation

    Facilitation is an art where perspectives are uncovered and ideas are synthesised.  A well-designed, expertly facilitated workshop or conversation takes participants on a journey to make the complex, simple.

  • Customer Focus Assessment

    A customer-focused culture is essential to deliver great customer experiences. The 3rdView Customer Focus Assessment™ appraises your organisation’s level of customer focus, and provides a framework for growth.

  • Feedback Systems

    Customer feedback is gold for your organisation. A well-designed feedback system helps you gather, listen and act on feedback, and shows your customers how they contribute to improving experiences.

  • Leadership Coaching

    Leaders have a significant impact on the culture of your organisation. 3rdView help your leaders to identify and develop the systems, symbols and behaviours that will deliver your customer focus outcomes.


We've had the privilege of working with some of Australia's leading brands, here are some of the most recent.


Our team of Customer Focus Specialists will help you to design & build a customer focused business.

  • Marie-Claire Grady

    Marie-Claire Grady

    Managing Director

    Marie-Claire is an experienced customer strategist and facilitator.  She has a unique ability to ‘bring customers into the room’, and challenges clients to take a new perspective on business problems.

  • Bartley Hassall - 3rdView Consulting

    Bartley Hassall

    Business Design Principal

    Bartley is a sought-after consultant, strategist, facilitator, and business coach. His passion is to work with organisations to clarify, communicate and deliver on their ‘reason for being’.

  • Tim is a “Design Thinker”. He has an innate talent to uncover deep customer insights and catalyse team synergy. He facilitates teams through a design led framework to achieve business model innovation.

    Tim Stevenson

    Business Design Consultant

    Tim is a “Design Thinker”. He has an innate talent to uncover deep customer insights and catalyse team synergy. He facilitates teams through a design led framework to achieve business model innovation.

  • Anje-Krabye-BW

    Anja Krabye

    Business Design Consultant

    Anja is an emerging talent in the application of design to business improvement and innovation. She is experienced implementer of design-led innovation to create purposeful change from within an organisation.

  • Darren Playle

    Darren Playle


    Darren is an innovative and entrepreneurial leader who transforms organisations using a customer- and people-centred approach. He agitates for change to create and capture long-term sustainable value.

  • Elissa Farrow

    Elissa Farrow


    Elissa is a specialist in strategy creation and implementation.  She is experienced in portfolio, program
 and project management, and is recognised internationally for her strategic organisational change management expertise.

  • nikki-ingram

    Nikki Ingram


    Nikki is a senior consultant who specialises in supporting organisations to navigate significant change. She is passionate about taking the customer perspective, and approaches challenges and opportunities with customer at the heart.

  • Suzy is a Business Strategist and Executive Coach who facilitates dynamic strategy development around vital business drivers, and ensures execution.

    Suzy Roden


    Suzy is a Business Strategist and Executive Coach who facilitates dynamic strategy development around vital business drivers, and ensures execution.





  • Hayley Langsdorf

    Hayley Langsdorf

    Visual Storyteller

    Hayley is a visual storyteller who is passionate about making the complex simple. Hayley takes the time to listen, carefully distilling key concepts and bringing narrative to life in fun visual representations.

  • Yandra Calvert

    Yandra Calvert

    UX Designer

    Yandra has a passion for making experiences simple, intuitive and engaging.  She takes concepts from design through to testing and into development, feeding user centred design principles into each step of the design process.

  • Nimrod Evans

    Nimrod Evans

    UX Designer

    Nimrod is a talented user experience designer, front-end developer and creative. He’s a passionate user advocate, and uses design and measurable metrics to deliver real business value.


Each day I find myself observing ordinary interactions from the outside – seeing different perspectives on the situation. By doing this, I’ve learned that it’s often the little things that make the difference to our experiences – a well-placed sign, a pause to listen, a quick check of quality or a little empathy. Simple things, but a critical part of a customer-focused strategy.

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