If a client asked the 3rdView team to build a gift-giving prioritisation matrix there are a few criteria that would top our list.

  • High impact
  • Small investment, easy to source
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Produced locally
  • A big dose of human connection

Ticking all those boxes sounds like quite a challenge!

Thankfully, we’ve done the hard work for you and have identified 3 gift ideas that are perfect for any time of year.

Feedback… gratitude

We love feedback. We encourage everyone to seek and give feedback to show they care, and help drive improvement. Throughout the year it tends to focus on particular moments or experiences, and often requires some work to act upon.

Periodically, it’s worth stepping back to look at the bigger picture. Who are the people and organisations whose regular, small acts have come together to make life a little better? Or those who have done something that has gone on to have a significant impact? Do they know?

Taking a moment to consciously and purposefully express gratitude will mean an enormous amount to the recipient, particularly if they aren’t expecting it. Even better, research shows that it’s good for your wellbeing too!

Blood… life

Did you know that in Australia one in three Australians will need blood at some point in their lives yet only 3.5% of people donate? According to the LifeBlood website, blood is needed somewhere every 24 seconds! Only a small percentage of donations are required for the emergencies that immediately come to mind – they are more commonly used during chemotherapy treatment and to help fight other long-term diseases. In addition, Covid has had a major impact on donations.

There are many myths around the donation of blood and blood products – particularly how long it takes and how you might feel afterward. For many, it’s quicker and easier than they expect and becomes part of their monthly or quarterly routine.

If you’ve never donated or it’s been a while, check to see if you’re eligible. Start the conversation and encourage those around you. It costs nothing, and may save a life.

Time… connection

The last couple of years has changed the way that we connect and build relationships. Technology has brought us closer together while simultaneously reducing our human connection.

Every day human connections are simple and powerful. A good morning, a smile, a thank you to someone who is tasked with a difficult job makes a big difference to someone’s day.

Invest your time and reach out to someone you know might appreciate some company, participate in a community event, or say ‘yes’ when someone reaches out to you. These moments of human connection show we value the people around us, and could make the world of difference in someone’s day.


We’d love to hear other gift ideas that meet our challenging criteria. It’s a gift to give!