3rdView are Customer Experience Leaders. We inspire organisations to understand their customers, and equip them to deliver true value.

We’re here to enrich. To make lives better for all your stakeholders.

We’re here to simplify. To reduce the clutter that wastes time and energy.

The 3rdView VOICE+™ Principles underpin every aspect of our work. These provide a platform to amplify the customer voice, bring a fresh perspective to the table, and deliver robust and sustainable decision-making.

Most importantly, 3rdView Consultants bring perspective, authenticity, and positivity to your business.

That’s the 3rdView difference.


Working with 3rdView is an experience like no other. Our VOICE+™ Principles guide every engagement, reflect our appreciation for Design Thinking, and amplify the customer voice. That’s what sets us apart.


We turn intangible concepts into visual stories to excite, engage and energise stakeholders.  We embrace and encourage creativity to stretch thinking beyond the obvious.


We create an environment where people are open to new perspectives and fresh ideas, and where people share candidly and contribute. We provide and encourage feedback and critique to enhance learning.


We develop alternatives and build on ideas to provoke conversation and feedback.  We sketch, reflect, take action and prototype solutions.


We engage the full range of customers (internal and external) in conversation and work together to design solutions that deliver outcomes for all stakeholders.  We seek conversation, then documentation.


We take the time to understand different perspectives and challenges through observation and immersion.  We seek to enter the customer’s world.


We bring a positive outlook and energy that helps our clients to focus on what’s possible and how they can make a difference. We seek to inspire through our infectious enthusiasm and determination.


3rdView help organisations understand, connect with, and
deliver value to the people whose experience matters most –
customers and employees.
Clients turn to 3rdView to…

‘Understand our customers’

‘Engage our people’

‘Improve our Customer-focus’


We are customer experience leaders. We are designers, facilitators, strategists and visualisers who bring diverse perspectives, boundless positivity, and authentic humanity to your organisation.

Marie-Claire (aka MCG): customer strategist, facilitator, runner and community contributor.
Marie-Claire has a unique ability to ‘bring customers into the room’, and challenges clients to simplify, enrich, and explore a new perspective on their business problems.
BARTLEY HASSALLBusiness Design Principal
Bartley: sought-after strategist, facilitator, business and soccer coach.
Bartley’s passion is to work with organisations to clarify, communicate and deliver on their ‘reason for being’, and help teams build the capability to deliver great experiences.
HAYLEY LANGSDORFDesigner and Illustrator
Hayley: Designer, Researcher, Visual storyteller
Hayley is a talented designer, qualitative researcher, and visual storyteller who distils key concepts in fun visualisations to make the complex simple, facilitate change and explore new directions.
EMMA BLOKCustomer Experience Coordinator
Emma: Process and productivity optimiser, healthy living enthusiast
Emma helps the 3rdView team consistently perform at their best through organisation, and the simplification of business processes and systems.
BRETT CAMILLERIDesign and Research Consultant
Brett: Designer, researcher, collaborator
Brett uses design to convert complex problems into opportunities. He helps clients and stakeholders co-design solutions that genuinely work for all parties involved.
ANJA KRABYEBusiness Design Consultant
Anja: designer, visualiser, advocate and adventurer.
Anja is an emerging talent in the application of design to business improvement and innovation. She implements design-led innovation to create purposeful change from within an organisation.
Elissa Farrow
Elissa FarrowChange Manager
Tim Stevenson
Tim StevensonConsultant
Darren Playle
Darren PlayleSenior Consultant
Nimrod Evans
Nimrod EvansUX Designer
Nikki Ingram
Nikki IngramSenior Consultant
Yandra Calvert
Yandra CalvertUX Designer


We’ve helped some of Australia’s most recognisable brands to understand their customers, engage people, and shape their strategy.


I’m told that one of the greatest skills I have is the ability to translate my day-to-day interactions into lessons on how to become a more customer-focused organisation. Useful? Absolutely! These observations of ordinary life provide great insights, and help me work with clients to design great organisations and experiences.

These observations are my 3rdViews. What are yours?

3 places for ‘Design’ in Schools

3rdView is passionate about both Design and Education. As we head Back to School for 2019, it's a great time to consider where we can encourage Design in our schools! Next week Queensland schools will welcome over 800,000 kids for the 2019 school year. Year 12 students will experience the final year of the ‘OP’ system, while Prep students will start their journey as the ‘Class of 2031’. It’s an exciting time to be a student. Technology is changing the way we learn, the jobs we do, and the way we work. Students are connected like never before, and literally [...]

Queensland CX Trends 2019

  A new year… fresh opportunities, a sense of optimism, and a chance to regroup, and reset priorities. We could do this any time of year, but there’s something about the Australian summer that means we seem to draw a clear and fresh line in the sand – pardon the pun! As 2019 kicks off, it’s worth thinking about what lies ahead for our organisations, our customers, and our staff. As leaders in customer experience design in Queensland, 3rdView has looked at the trends in our community, and have identified three that we think will shape the customer experience landscape [...]

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If you would like to know more about what we can offer please do not hesitate to get in touch. We would love to hear about your business, and identify where 3rdView Consulting can help you achieve a more customer focused and successful future.


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