Human connection and conversations have always been a part of life at 3rdView. We care deeply about the people we interact with and the lives that we have the opportunity to shape through our work.

In 2020 people have grappled with a myriad of personal and professional challenges in the context of Covid-19. Many businesses are now more accepting and supportive of a human-centred approach. We are all grateful for this.

Our conversations have exposed a rollercoaster of emotions… from disorientation, shock, grief, fear and panic, to relief, positivity, clarity and hope. As we move towards year end, we’re hearing that many leaders want to show what’s been achieved, and still feel overwhelmed.

Recognising each person’s unique situation, there are common themes emerging. Identifying your greatest priority could reduce the noise and provide a start point for a solution.

Stabilise your team

“We’ve been operating OK and adapting to change.
Now we need to find our rhythm for the longer-term”

We’ve heard it all, from ‘not allowed to work from the office’ to ‘not allowed to work from home’ and everything in between. Shared desks v nothing shared, employer mandated v personal choice, more connected than ever v lost and alone.

Just about every team is working differently to a year ago. Change that was initially triggered by an emergency response has seen teams settle into a new pattern, largely driven by individuals.

The challenge now is for leaders to re-establish their team. This means having a direct and conscious conversation about the goals of the team and how everyone can balance individual needs to achieve the collective outcome.

It’s a difficult, essential conversation. The new year always feels like a fresh start so if you haven’t brought your team together, do it now, and get set for 2021.

Strengthen your business operations

“We had to make a lot of changes in a hurry.
We need to take stock to decide what to keep, and what to let go.”

Customers and organisations adapted at lightning speed in the early part of the year. We cut red tape, pushed projects through, put projects on hold, and cobbled things together to survive. People were more tolerant of gaps, knowing that everyone was doing their best. Some of these changes were authorised and well-considered. Many were not, and now pose a risk to the long-term health of organisations and staff.

Leaders need pause to take stock of the changes that were actually made. From there, find out what has worked and needs to be embedded, critically evaluate what hasn’t worked and decide whether to stop it, or try to improve it.

Now is the time to reflect on the changes you’ve made and understand how your customers feel about those changes. Make sure you step into 2021 with a clean slate.

Set your strategy

“Our current strategy is out of date.
We need direction.”

Whose strategy anticipated the highs or lows that 2020 has delivered? Some organisations had a change of direction imposed on them, others have grappled with the choice of pivoting or ‘staying the course’ in turbulent times.

This year strategic conversations have quickly become more human and purpose-led. Tighter economic constraints have forced leaders to determine what their organisations can’t do, as well as what they will.

Few leaders have achieved the goals they set for 2020. It’s important to reflect and let go of anything that is no longer relevant. Be deliberate in deciding what actually matters to you, your organisation and your customers, and focus on it.

Now is the time to bring your team together for a strategic conversation. Put 2020 behind you and create an adaptable plan for 2021. You’ve got a suite of new tools to embrace and new opportunities to explore… you can move forward with confidence and clarity!

Sprint with your customers

“We’ve identified some potential changes and opportunities for our customers…
Let’s explore more deeply.”

Between March and September over 1 million Australian households shopped online for the first time. Online shopping has grown by over 75%[1]. Our willingness to embrace digital services and new technology is just the tip of the iceberg for customer change in 2020.

Customer expectations and behaviours have changed significantly. While this has been a challenge to adapt to in 2020, it represents an opportunity to embrace as we move into 2021.

Leaders need to quickly come up to speed with the opportunities that are presented from their current and potential customer base. A design sprint is a fast paced way to explore unmet customer needs, and identify ways that your business can meet them.

It’s a great time to select a diverse, high-performing team and set them the challenge to uncover opportunities for your business to grow and thrive in 2021. This will reenergise your team, reengage your customers and boost your results.



Whatever you’re feeling as we close out 2020, it’s OK. Let us help you resolve the most significant thing you’re grappling with.

The key is to make sure that you close 2020 feeling confident, clear, and ready hit the ground running for ’21.



[1] Inside Australian Online Shopping update, Australia Post, October 2020