3 ‘Customer’ questions every CEO needs to answer


Are customers really important to your organisation? Make sure your executives can answer three critical questions... The Australian banking royal commission has placed consumers in the spotlight. We’ve heard countless stories of consumers who have lost faith in the system and the people who run it. It will take a long time to fully restore trust in the sector. There are many learnings for the financial sector. This is also an opportunity for executives in other organisations to ask critical questions about their culture and customer interactions. 3rdView has been helping organisations to improve customer-focus and customer experience for a decade. We’ve [...]

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Feedback: Cherish the Gift!


I’ve just completed my third customer feedback survey this week, and it’s only Wednesday.   I’ve been asked to provide feedback on the delivery of a parcel, a change to my private health insurance, and on the purchase of a pair of running shoes.  I also tried to provide feedback on an interaction with a Telco, but that resulted in the consultant ending the call… I guess they weren’t really interested! In each case, the feedback took the form of a Net Promoter System (NPS) question:  “Based on your recent experience, how likely are you to recommend <insert company name here> [...]

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Begin with a Check-in


When you organise an important workshop, with the best minds from around the organisation, or the industry, you can be forgiven for wanting to get straight into it from the 1st minute. After all, as the person who called the workshop, you are pretty clear on why it has been scheduled, and what you need out of it. And often you are paying for the privilege! So why is it not only worthwhile, but strongly advisable, to take some time up front to allow attendees to check-in? If you have engaged 3rdView to facilitate, you have recruited someone who is [...]

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From customer-phobic to Customer-focused!


Are you arachnophobic, agoraphobic or acrophobic? If not, you’ll certainly know someone who is. Fearing spiders, crowded places and heights is not always a bad thing as each of these has an inherent aspect of danger. A phobia is an unhelpful anxiety or fear of a situation or thing. If you are scared of something and it can harm you; that is a good thing. If the fear is present, but the danger is not, such as seeing pictures of spiders or approaching the window in a skyscraper, that is unhelpful and hence, is a phobia. What is Customer Phobia? [...]

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Customer Insights – are your beliefs holding you back?


“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said 'faster horses'.” - Henry Ford The notion that ‘customers don’t know what they want’ is an idea derived from this quote. However, unfortunately the statement it is too frequently misquoted and misunderstood. Henry Ford never actually expressed those famous words. However, if he had, the statement is in fact correct- people find it difficult to imagine and articulate something truly innovative. A problem arises when this quote is used as ammunition against gathering customer insights and customer centricity. Equally harmful to the case for customer insights, are organisations [...]

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How well do you keep your customer promises?


The old adage ’always deliver on your promises to customers’ has never been more relevant than in today’s competitive market place.  Being true to your word and delivering on what you have agreed, can reward your business with a lifetime of repeat business and create advocates of your customers, something that all the marketing dollars in the world can’t buy.  A great experience with an online retailer really brought home the difference that delivering on promises can make. My microwave recently had a quick and unceremonious death. One minute it was working, the next it had stopped. For our family, [...]

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Shining light, or casting a shadow?


As a Leader you have a major impact on the culture of your organisation.  The behaviours you display and the symbols you present to your team and customers say a lot about who you are and what you stand for.  Your behaviours can provide light and inspiration, or cast a shadow over your team. After years of observing organisations and teams on their customer focus journey, there are invariably 3 behaviours that truly customer focused leaders exhibit – they connect with customers, they share their passion for customers, and develop strategies that focus on the customer. So, if you’re working [...]

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Who Cares for your Customers?


When we think of customer support, we generally think of the important role that our front-line sales and service people play, but it’s critical to think carefully about the role that every person plays in supporting your customer experience. I mentioned that my new car broke down a few weeks ago (Give your Customers a Break).  The breakdown was one thing, but when they damaged the car trying to get it out of my garage, the issue became a lot more complex. After 5 weeks, 4 re-sprays, 3 attempts to collect the car only to find it wasn’t up to scratch, 2 customer [...]

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Keep your shirt on… again!


Is a superior product enough to build customer satisfaction, or is it important to take a more holistic approach to your customers and their experience? For those of you who read my earlier blog on my search for a ‘no-crease’ cotton business shirt, you may be interested to know what happened next… I think it will surprise you! I take up the story seeking to find more shirts like the amazing Abelard one I discovered recently. My first option was to browse the Abelard website. Why pay a mark-up for something when I can buy it online? I knew my [...]

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No Parking? No stress.


It can be easy to focus on the poorly designed experiences, but every so often something comes along that makes you realise that companies just might be using customer insights to develop innovative new products and services.  Take ‘Secure-a-Park’ for example. One of the great benefits of being a Consultant is that I get to work with many different clients.  This also means that some days I’m racing in between the City and suburbs to get to meetings – bringing the challenge of city parking in to the equation.   Depending on the time available I might try and find a [...]

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