Feedback: Cherish the Gift!


I’ve just completed my third customer feedback survey this week, and it’s only Wednesday.   I’ve been asked to provide feedback on the delivery of a parcel, a change to my private health insurance, and on the purchase of a pair of running shoes.  I also tried to provide feedback on an interaction with a Telco, but that resulted in the consultant ending the call… I guess they weren’t really interested! In each case, the feedback took the form of a Net Promoter System (NPS) question:  “Based on your recent experience, how likely are you to recommend <insert company name here> [...]

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Apple… is it time to break up?


Apple hit my customer experience sweet spot, then broke it. Was it down to poor customer experience redesign? Is your new offering destroying the very value that won your customers in the first place? The situation… I’ll never forget Father’s Day 2004… Not only was it my first Father’s Day with the arrival of my son Lucas a few months earlier, I also received my first ever father’s day present, an iPod from my wife. It was my first Apple product. As a huge music fan, and a faithful Walkman and Discman user over the years, the iPod was a [...]

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From customer-phobic to Customer-focused!


Are you arachnophobic, agoraphobic or acrophobic? If not, you’ll certainly know someone who is. Fearing spiders, crowded places and heights is not always a bad thing as each of these has an inherent aspect of danger. A phobia is an unhelpful anxiety or fear of a situation or thing. If you are scared of something and it can harm you; that is a good thing. If the fear is present, but the danger is not, such as seeing pictures of spiders or approaching the window in a skyscraper, that is unhelpful and hence, is a phobia. What is Customer Phobia? [...]

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Reinvigorate your Customer Experience


It’s never to late to reinvigorate your customer experience! Have you ever felt your competitors have overtaken you? As new entrants they’ve been nimble and responsive to customer needs. In contrast you’ve invested in systems and infrastructure that make it harder to adapt quickly. What options do you have to respond, to let customers know you’re still around? Like many in Australia I have done my fair share of flying. I recently travelled to Perth to facilitate a customer strategy workshop for a client. When it comes to domestic plane travel I am a big fan of Virgin. They are [...]

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Who Cares for your Customers?


When we think of customer support, we generally think of the important role that our front-line sales and service people play, but it’s critical to think carefully about the role that every person plays in supporting your customer experience. I mentioned that my new car broke down a few weeks ago (Give your Customers a Break).  The breakdown was one thing, but when they damaged the car trying to get it out of my garage, the issue became a lot more complex. After 5 weeks, 4 re-sprays, 3 attempts to collect the car only to find it wasn’t up to scratch, 2 customer [...]

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Feedback: You get what you ask for!


Feedback.  Nuggets of Gold.  Customers often provide it, but not many companies choose to hear it, even less actively seek it.  Seeking feedback is one of the most simple things you can do to improve your customer-focus, so it’s exciting to see a company encouraging customers to have their say.  Or is it? Sitting in a car service department last week, I saw the sign on the right asking for feedback.  Can you spot the issue? Having completed a few surveys from this company, I’ve learned that ‘Completely Satisfied’ is the terminology reserved for a top rating.  When I bought [...]

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Keep your shirt on!


Not all customer needs are created equal. Some are 'nice to have', while others are really 'showstoppers' that can make all the difference between brand loyalty and a customer looking for a new provider. Do you know what matters most to your customers? Do your products and services meet that need? If not, how are you gathering the customer insights that will make the difference? When it comes to business shirts there is one need I have that seems to be particularly hard to find. I prefer cotton as I inherited my father's sensitive skin, and it breathes better in [...]

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‘Epic Fail’


‘No failures’ sounds like a pretty good mantra for business, but when you look deeper, it may just be a little shortsighted. As a parent it's always interesting to hear new terms that kids use. As mine are in primary school I hear things a bit later than some, but one term a teammate of my son used the other day was 'Fail' or 'Epic Fail'. When he struggled to complete a training drill at soccer, he instantly labeled himself a 'Fail'. This reaction really concerned me as training kids is all about building confidence. Having one of them label [...]

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