Perfectly Imperfect


“Perfectionism is increasing and that’s not good news”. A recent Harvard study tells us that young people are becoming increasingly perfectionistic, and that this is impacting their mental health. Meanwhile, every time we run our Customer-based Design programs senior business people remind us of the expectation of ‘getting it right first time’, regardless of their role or task. They celebrate being given ‘permission’ to prototype, being able to put something rough on the table and refine based on genuine feedback during our course. If everyone is feeling suffocated by perfection, why do we continue to pursue it? It seems that [...]

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Apple… is it time to break up?


Apple hit my customer experience sweet spot, then broke it. Was it down to poor customer experience redesign? Is your new offering destroying the very value that won your customers in the first place? The situation… I’ll never forget Father’s Day 2004… Not only was it my first Father’s Day with the arrival of my son Lucas a few months earlier, I also received my first ever father’s day present, an iPod from my wife. It was my first Apple product. As a huge music fan, and a faithful Walkman and Discman user over the years, the iPod was a [...]

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Reinvigorate your Customer Experience


It’s never to late to reinvigorate your customer experience! Have you ever felt your competitors have overtaken you? As new entrants they’ve been nimble and responsive to customer needs. In contrast you’ve invested in systems and infrastructure that make it harder to adapt quickly. What options do you have to respond, to let customers know you’re still around? Like many in Australia I have done my fair share of flying. I recently travelled to Perth to facilitate a customer strategy workshop for a client. When it comes to domestic plane travel I am a big fan of Virgin. They are [...]

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No Parking? No stress.


It can be easy to focus on the poorly designed experiences, but every so often something comes along that makes you realise that companies just might be using customer insights to develop innovative new products and services.  Take ‘Secure-a-Park’ for example. One of the great benefits of being a Consultant is that I get to work with many different clients.  This also means that some days I’m racing in between the City and suburbs to get to meetings – bringing the challenge of city parking in to the equation.   Depending on the time available I might try and find a [...]

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