At 3rdView, we’re strong believers that engaged and passionate employees are an essential element of your customer-focused business.  They reflect and reinforce your brand, and can turn it into something truly special.  This really hit home last week during a visit to ‘Le Bon Choix’…

Le Bon Choix (“The Best Choice”) describes itself as a bakery.  Its branding reflects the French heritage of the owner, and his pursuit for excellence in the creation of exquisite French pastry, cake and bread.  They’re clearly focused on their art – quality product first and foremost.

Walk in to Le Bon Choix, and you’ll hear all the staff conversing in French.  French accents accompany big smiles as orders are taken and tables are cleared – every touchpoint reminds you that this isn’t an ordinary bakery, it’s a French bakery.  It’s a little piece of Paris in Brisbane.

Employees create the language for every brand.  Their words and actions translate the brand promise into something real on the ground.  For Le Bon Choix, their language is obvious, but for other organisations it’s left to chance.  If you don’t design the language for your brand, it will design itself… and may turn out to be a language that destroys rather than enhances your business.

As leaders, we have the opportunity to design the language of our personal brand, our team’s brand and our organisational brand.  What language is your brand speaking?