You’ve been asked to organise a workshop…

now what?

Strategic direction, planning, innovation, leader engagement, team building… whatever the reason for your workshop, an expert independent facilitator ensures that you achieve the outcome you need.

Facilitation is core to every 3rdView engagement. We are passionate about the power of human interaction and the value of facilitated conversations, ensuring that all stakeholders have the opportunity to be present, listen attentively and contribute fully.

3rdView believe that each facilitation engagement is unique. Workshops and conversations facilitated by 3rdView are visual, active memorable experiences that deliver value well beyond the day.

We help clients:

  • Clarify the purpose and objectives of a conference, workshop or meeting
  • Engage stakeholders to understand their perspective on the current state, or starting point for the facilitation engagement
  • Design a fit-for-purpose, end-to-end experience for participants and leaders
  • Facilitate conferences, workshops and conversations to ensure that desired outcomes and objectives are achieved
  • Record the conversation, and develop outputs that deliver sustainable benefit from the facilitation engagement

As a result, our clients enjoy:

  • A memorable experience, and visual outputs that inspire action
  • Improved staff and leader engagement and commitment to the purpose and objectives of the facilitation
  • The realisation of agreed long-term outcomes, supporting improved business performance

Designing an experience unique to you…

In designing a facilitation approach, 3rdView works with you to understand:

  • Desired outputs and outcomes of the conversation – organisation plans, ideas and innovation, individual actions
  • The purpose and context of the facilitation – innovation, strategic direction, cost reduction, restructure; growth, sustainability or survival
  • Previous conversations or activities that led to, or contribute to the facilitation engagement
  • Desired end-to-end experience for participants, including the lead up and post-facilitation – for example, energy boost, commitment, focus, team building
  • Group size, role, and desired duration – from 3 people for a couple of hours, to a cross-functional conversation for 100+ people over a few days

Want to know more about how 3rdView can help you deliver a powerful and memorable workshop?  Contact us!

A word from our clients…

In 20 years of working in Government I have been involved in a lot of business planning or large facilitation exercises. They often follow the same path and when done poorly decrease people’s motivation and energy. What I like about 3rd views approach is the creative thought that goes into getting the human interaction part of the sessions write. The preparation and the innovation in how a day is run is first class.

The feedback from delegates was pure awe and again, the images stimulated further discussion amongst delegates.  A big thank you to the team at 3rd View for your support, Anja’s exceptional work and your customer service during the weeks leading up the workshop.