I’m told that one of the greatest skills I have is the ability to translate my day-to-day interactions into lessons on how to become a more customer-focused organisation. Useful? Absolutely!

Hundreds of times each day I find myself observing ordinary interactions from the outside – seeing different perspectives on the situation. By doing this, I’ve learned that it’s often the little things that make the difference to our experiences – a well-placed sign, a pause to listen, a quick check of quality or a little empathy. Simple things, but a critical part of a customer-focused strategy.

These observations of ordinary life provide great insights, and help me work with clients to design great organisations and experiences.

These observations are my 3rdViews. What are yours?

Queensland CX Trends 2019

  A new year… fresh opportunities, a sense of optimism, and a chance to regroup, and reset priorities. We could do this any time of year, but there’s something about the Australian summer that means [...]

Perfectly Imperfect

“Perfectionism is increasing and that’s not good news”. A recent Harvard study tells us that young people are becoming increasingly perfectionistic, and that this is impacting their mental health. Meanwhile, every time we run our [...]

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New year, fresh perspectives

Happy New Year! A new year brings the opportunity for a fresh start and big ideas. Unfortunately, most of us struggle to maintain the momentum past the first fortnight. We take on too much, and [...]

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Apple… is it time to break up?

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From customer-phobic to Customer-focused!

Are you arachnophobic, agoraphobic or acrophobic? If not, you’ll certainly know someone who is. Fearing spiders, crowded places and heights is not always a bad thing as each of these has an inherent aspect of [...]

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